Watertown Area Transit Token System

June 2012, a token system was implemented with the assistance of five major contributors to the project. The token system allows for continued recycling of the tokens thereby saving tax payers’ dollars.



New Watertown Transit Bus New Watertown Transit Bus

In 2012, we began upgrading our fleet of buses at the Watertown Area Transit. As of January 1, 2016, we have eight buses and one minivan in house. We have 2 2012 vehicles, 2 2014 vehicles, 1 2015 vehicle, 2 2017 vehicles. Future plans include the purchase of another bus, a regular minivan and 1 or 2 ADA equipped minivans. These vehicles are paid for with a combination of federal funds (80%) and local match dollars (20%).


An exceptional team

The Dakota Transit Association is a coalition of public agencies and private organizations that promote and support public and special passenger transportation programs within North and South Dakota. The award was announced in September at the annual DTA Conference is Sioux Falls.

The award is given annually to a staff person or system that has exhibited extraordinary dedication and devotion to transporting people with special needs. Criteria for the award includes creating a safe and secure environment for special needs passengers; proper securement of the mobility aid devices and its’ occupants and a clean driving record.

Award winning drivers and board members:
Bill Erickson – South Dakota Driver of the Year 2012
Mike Hoppe – Above and Beyond 2014
Dave Hoaas – South Dakota Driver of the Year 2015
Mary Antrim – Friend of Transit 2015