Full service is provided to all of Codington County. Please call for more information for locations not covered below.

Immediate Service Area is a $2.50 ServiceAreaMapFare (Blue Token):
Round trip fare $5.00
North 26th Avenue to South 20th Avenue
West 21st Street to Interstate I-29

Outlying Service Area is a $3.00 Fare (Green Token):
Round trip fare $6.00
North 167th Street to South 174th Street (32nd Avenue)
West 447th Avenue to East 458th Avenue (43rd Street)

Extended Service Area is a $5.00 Fare:
Round trip fare $10.00

All homes and businesses with direct access to Sioux Conifer Road from the intersection of 167th Street North on Sioux Conifer Road to the intersection of 164th Street North on Sioux Conifer Road.


Medical Trips

Currently, through partnership with Prairie Lakes Hospital, medical trips, within the immediate service area, are free to passengers. These include appointments with optometrists, doctors, dentists, physical therapists, psychologists, etc.